Navratri is going on in India since yesterday. Navratri is festival of goddessess, Actually to worship the feminism. Mainly worshipped in the nature of mother in woman. We Indians love to celebrate whichever the fesival is. And since last few years one regional newspaper has started giving color codes for cloths to wear on all these 9 days/nights (Navratri). I never ever read about these color codes when i was a child. In fact, even the seniors from any house were unaware about these color codes. But anyways, taking it on a positive note, ladies are started wearing their clothes by the decided color code.

This is what a background of what i want to tell you further. Just a day before Navratri; i saw a boutique showcasing all the dresses of different shades, patterns and types of color yellow. This was been decided as the color of the first day of Navratri. I suddenly got alarmed that i do not have any yellow color dress to wear for the occasion.
Of course, i didn’t went and bought any of the yellow dress but this incident made me think of how wise the boutique owner was to display the clothes of color code decided and to grab the opportunity of any impulsive buy from a customers who are desperately searching for a particular colored dresses.
That truly shows the presence of mind on seller’s part.