Helped a senior Citizen by creating a blog for her with the following features. It was my promise to her made on the occasion of friendship day last week.

Features are as follows :

  1. – on a platform. Without any domain or space registration.
  3. – a by default static page introducing herself.
  4. – Provided simplicity with dedicated email address for posting on a blog. No need to log in on or any other CMS for that matter.
  5. – created a menu of the categories according to her writeup.thus by clicking any of the category will display all the posts from that category only.
  6. – when opened up any post of any category, other posts from the same category will line up in the side bar.
  7. – a theme matching her profession. Since she was a school teacher; a chalkboard theme is best suited for her blog.
  8. – positioning of widgets at different places on a static page and on a post pages. see the difference here on a static page and on a post page.
  9. Though this experience was not new to me, it flourished new perspective and new skill as well within me