No need to have too many products or services to create your Web Existance. The all funda about Product Promotion is “Every penny invested by you in your business should work for you even when you are asleep”.

Open any print media and you will see advertisements for about 45%. Whichever the business is, it has a website, a Facebook page and a twitter profile. Marketing on all front is absolutely necessary as public memory is very short.

The Advantages of Digital media over print media are :

  1. You cannot carry Print media all the time with you to refer the product.
  2. Print media soon become a scrap paper if you forget to note down the required details.
  3. The details you read thru print media can not be bookmarked in your browser. Thus storing the data for the later reading is highly impossible, and so also the options of search or compare product are not available thru print media.
  4. Further it is very costly to advertise thru print media. By paying just 15% of it annually will make you a good web media option.
  5. An advertisement thru web can allow you to provide all your data including product info, it’s images, videos about it, your contact details such as phone nos., working hours, email address etc. which is difficult to put in print media.
  6. Any web media is shareable with a click of it’s link.
  7. suitablity of sharing exactly those data which is asked for.

Hope all these things will help you decide whether you should advertise thru print media or not.

Your customers will be able to get information about your products even when you are not reachable to them.

 We can offer you 4 Solutions :

 1. A full-fledged responsive* Website with dedicated domain name, hosting and maintenance(package need to be renewed on yearly basis)

 2. A Blog without any dedicated domain, free hosting by blog with maintenance.(only maintenance cost to be renewed from 2nd year onwards)

 3. Option 2 + social media marketing of your products on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to reach the masses.(maintenance cost + marketing cost to be renewed annually)

 4. No Website or Blog of yours. You can advertise about your products on my personal blog by giving your product review.

The same review will be posted on the Facebook profile of mine & fan page of my Blog, Twitter account of mine,Google+ page of my blog and Google profile, LinkedIn profile etc.

To see, how many people can read your advertisement please Visit

In this package one product review will be posted and kept for a week, then it will be deleted. It may be moved to other place if you want to keep it(at additional cost)this package is available on Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Yearly basis.

 Hope, this information will serve your purpose. If you are still not able to decide, you can visit my website and go thru the topics like – Advantages of digital media over the printed one. – Blog v/s Website

*Responsive Design :- As the worlds of desktop and mobile content continue to overlap, a new kind of website has emerged: Responsive Web Design, a dynamic that automatically transforms a site’s layout depending on your screen size or device